Friday, February 15, 2013

How to Improve the Love in your life

I've been getting a lot of questions regarding improving one's love life lately so today I am going to give you a few suggestions. 

The first of which would be to carry around some rose quartz. Keep it in your pocket or in your purse but keep it with you in order to open up your heart chakra. If your heart chakra is closed you will not be open to receiving love!

Bathing in rose water will also open your heart chakra so how about adding some to your bath water or simply rinsing your hands in some before you go out. Your hands will feel soft and you will love the smell. 

If you are single and looking for someone you can hang a picture of some peonies in the SW corner of your living room. If you prefer, you can put two pink or red silk peonies (or real ones if you can get them)  in a vase in the SW instead. In 2013 an alternative location for the peonies would be the South East. 

And finally we can eat and drink foods that promote love. As luck would have it Design Sponge posted a recipe for Love Tea and some Lavender Truffles just the other day. I know the truffles sound great by themselves but don't discount the fact that they are made with lavender. Although lavender is used mainly for relaxation, it is also considered to be a love herb with aphrodisiac properties (didn't know that did ya!). So enjoy!!

Click here for recipe!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Year of the Snake and You

What fortune will the Year of the Snake bring you?

By Andrew Stevens, CNN
February 8, 2013 -- Updated 1201 GMT (2001 HKT)

Feng Shui Index offers 2013 predictions

  • Hong Kong group CLSA has released its Feng Shui Index for 2013
  • It is going to be a great year for people born in the Year of the Rooster, Dogs or Ox (Cow)
  • If you are a Pig, Goat (Sheep), Tiger or Snake, it's best to fast forward to 2014
  • The past five years of the Snake have been marked by inauspicious events
Hong Kong (CNN) -- If were born in the year of the Rooster, here's something to crow about: You are in for a "ss-super" 2013. Likewise, it's going to be a strong year if you're a Dog or an Ox.
Too bad, however, if you're a Snake.
On Sunday we say farewell to the Dragon and welcome the Year of the Snake.
For the occasion, the Hong Kong brokerage CLSA has brought out its annual Feng Shui Index. Now in its 19th year, the index is a guide to your investment decisions -- specifically how the benchmark Hong Kong Hang Seng Index will perform -- over the next 12 months, based on the ancient Chinese art (or science, if you prefer) of feng shui.
Geomancers predict the markets will start out strong but run into trouble in July.
Geomancers predict the markets will start out strong but run into trouble in July.
How last year\'s Feng Shui Index predictions compared to Hong Kong\'s Hang Seng actual performance.
How last year's Feng Shui Index predictions compared to Hong Kong's Hang Seng actual performance.
If you are wondering what that entails, this report consults the experts on bazi (fortune charts), wu-xing (five-element theory) and xuan kong (flying stars).
CLSA itself describes the report as a light-hearted exercise. But before anyone dismisses this as a mere marketing ploy or mystical mumbo-jumbo, take a look at last year's forecast. It is a pretty close match to how the Hang Seng actually performed.
The brokerage has a team of about six people plus feng shui masters -- they won't say who they are -- working on the report for several months leading up to the publication.
What do the geomancers say? First the good news. It will be a good year for the Hang Seng, particularly in the first half and March is flagged as a standout month. It's interesting that March is also the month that the U.S. Congress has to deal with the debt-ceiling.
After June the ride gets much rougher and more volatile. A trading opportunity perhaps?
The CLSA index also looks at health, relationships and work for the year to come. If you were born in the year of the Rooster, Dog or Ox (Cow), it is going to be a great year, says the report.
If you are a Pig, Goat (Sheep), Tiger or Snake, it's best to fast forward to 2014. Interestingly, those with the same birth sign as the year sign invariably have bad years.
Year of the Snake: A hit or a hiss?
Millions on the move in China
There's something else to keep in mind. The Snake sheds its skin, which in the Chinese horoscope signals new ideas or developments, both good and bad. The Depression year of 1929 was a Snake year, as was 1989 (Tiananmen Square) and 2001 (the 9/11 attacks). In fact the past five Snake years have not been very encouraging, says the report.
But this time around it will be different because all five elements -- earth, metal, wood, water and fire -- are present. In the first half of the year, fire is strong and fire drives markets higher, according to the report.
In the second half, the fire influence wanes and water starts rising, a bad sign for the markets.
The good news is that the year ends with the index higher than the start of the year.
The bad news is, if you are actually born a Snake, the year will be, in CLSA's own words, a bit of a "hisser."

Happy Year of the Snake!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Semi Precious Stones for Love and Wealth

In Feng Shui you can use semi-precious stones to assist you in increasing certain areas of your life. Shown here is a beautiful multi-colored semi-precious stone necklace that features Citrine for wealth. Wear this necklace to draw prosperity to you all year long. Want to improve your love life? Wear the same necklace but which features Rose Quartz instead. Check them out here .

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hide those beams to avoid poison arrows in the bedroom!

Overhead beams are not considered favorable in Feng Shui and I am often asked what to do about them. Usually I try to place the furniture in a way where the beams are not directly above the sofa or chair. This works fine if the beams are not too close together. Beams in the bedroom are even worse as they are shooting poison arrows at you for the time that you are sleeping in your bed, which is normally between 6-8 hours. That's quite a lot of time. If this is your case then you will need to do as shown above. The material will cover the poison arrows created by the beams and allow you to get a restful night's sleep.