Saturday, March 24, 2012

Preparing to sell your home

Here is the article from Montreal Real Estate Investors Group

Preparing to Sell your Home - From a Feng Shui Perspective

Provided by Feng Shui Master, Tracey MacKenzie
What are the first steps to be taken when you want to sell your home? I recommend doing the following. Go outside and view the home as if it’s the first time you are visiting this house and ask yourself the following questions:

• How does the house present itself at first glance. Would you notice the house    when driving by?
• Is there an abundance of plantings in the front?
• Is the front appealing to passersby?
• Is there anything blocking the main entrance door?
• Is the main entry way welcoming?
• Does the main door open easily?
• Once inside, is the entryway cluttered?
• How does the energy flow through the rooms?
• Is there a lot of clutter everywhere?
• Are there any unfinished projects or unrepaired holes etc. that need to be attended to?
• Are the wall colors easily adapted to any furniture type or style
• Are the rooms dark and stuffy or are they bright and airy?
• Do the rooms feel overloaded with furniture?
• Is there a smell in the home such as from a beloved pet?
• Are your kitchen and bathrooms in need of a facelift?
• Do your carpets need cleaning?
• Do your walls need painting?
Do you get a sense of a well maintained home when touring your own home?
If you don’t then you know that you have much work to do.

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