Thursday, December 1, 2011


A home consultation includes the following:

  • A form school analysis which is the study of the exterior of the home or site. The outdoor environment will be analysed as well as the surrounding homes and streets. Recommendations will be made should they be required. 
  • An advanced Xuan Kong (flying star) evaluation which takes the facing degree of the site as well as the date of construction and calculates a flying star chart. This chart is composed of numbers which form combinations of energy that can bring upon certain circumstances in your life. 
  • Your floor plan or certificate of location will be divided into eight sectors and the energy patterns for each sector will be analysed. 
  • I will then offer recommendations on how to decrease the unfavorable energy and increase the favorable energy. 
  • Each family member will receive their personal Trigram which includes their four favorable and four unfavorable directions.
  • Each family member will be advised of their most auspicious bed placement.
  • Each family member will be advised of their most auspicious desk placement. 
  • Color selections for each room and/or the rooms that require a color change will be given. 
  • Furniture placement recommendations will be given with the objective of optimizing the flow of chi. 
  • General decor improvements.
  • General recommendations in order to achieve goals. 
  • Symbolic cures. 
  • Written notes. 

Generally the consultation lasts between two and three hours depending on the size of your home.

*A copy of your floor plan or a certificate of location is required but not mandatory.

An Annual Evaluation

An annual evaluation is for those who have already had a complete analysis done but wish to benefit from the annual influences that change each New Year.

A personal Nine Star Ki Astrology synopsis is also given.

A color consultation

A color consultation is for those who wish to improve their environment by the usage of color. Color selections are made for each room and styling recommendations are also given should they be     

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