Thursday, December 1, 2011

Before and After




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Feng Shui 101

Part 1 - Indoor work
  • The Ba Gua
  • What is Yin and Yang
  • What is Chi and how do we get it?
  • The two types of Chi
  • The 5 elements and the three cycles
  • Forms and colors
  • How to increase the energy in your home
  • Arguments/Divorce/Sickness and how they impact the home
  • How to get rid of unfavorable energy
  • Indoor characteristics to avoid when purchasing a home
  • How to remedy existing unfavorable elements in a home

 Part 2 – Outdoor energy work
  • Form school and the 4 celestial animals
  • How do the 4 celestial animals benefit a home or a site
  • Things to avoid when purchasing a new home
  • Things to look for when purchasing a new home.
  • Examples of favorable houses
  • Examples of unfavorable houses
  • The front door
  • Trees
  • Poison arrows
  • Streets 
  • What about the Neighborhood

 Part 3 
  • The effect of Clutter 
  • Symbolism
  • The numerology of an address 

This is a one day seminar and the cost is $125.


Le Feng Shui 101

1ère Partie - Le travail Intérieur
  • Le Ba Gua
  • Qu'est ce que c'est le Yin et le Yang
  • Qu'est ce que c'est le Chi comment pouvons nous le trouver?
  • Les deux types de Chi
  • Les 5 éléments et les 3 cycles
  • Formes et coleurs
  • Comment augmenter l'énergie dans votre maison
  • Disputes/Divorce/Maladies et leur impact sur la maison
  • Comment enlever une mauvaise énergie
  • A éviter lorsque vous achèter une maison
  • Comment remédier des aspects défavorables dans la maison. 

 2 ième Partie – Le travail extérieur
  • L'école de Forme et les quatres animaux célestes
  • Comment les quatres animaux peuvent bénéficier une maison ou un site
  • A éviter lorsque vous achèter une maison
  • A rechercher lorsque vous achèter une maison
  • Exemples de maisons favorables
  • Exemples de maisons défavorables
  • La porte principale
  • Les arbres
  • Les flèches empoisonnées
  • Les rues
  • Le voisinage

 3 ième Partie 
  • L'effect du désordre 
  • Symbolisme
  • La numérologie de l'adresse.  

Ceci est une formation d'une journée et le coût est $125.


A home consultation includes the following:

  • A form school analysis which is the study of the exterior of the home or site. The outdoor environment will be analysed as well as the surrounding homes and streets. Recommendations will be made should they be required. 
  • An advanced Xuan Kong (flying star) evaluation which takes the facing degree of the site as well as the date of construction and calculates a flying star chart. This chart is composed of numbers which form combinations of energy that can bring upon certain circumstances in your life. 
  • Your floor plan or certificate of location will be divided into eight sectors and the energy patterns for each sector will be analysed. 
  • I will then offer recommendations on how to decrease the unfavorable energy and increase the favorable energy. 
  • Each family member will receive their personal Trigram which includes their four favorable and four unfavorable directions.
  • Each family member will be advised of their most auspicious bed placement.
  • Each family member will be advised of their most auspicious desk placement. 
  • Color selections for each room and/or the rooms that require a color change will be given. 
  • Furniture placement recommendations will be given with the objective of optimizing the flow of chi. 
  • General decor improvements.
  • General recommendations in order to achieve goals. 
  • Symbolic cures. 
  • Written notes. 

Generally the consultation lasts between two and three hours depending on the size of your home.

*A copy of your floor plan or a certificate of location is required but not mandatory.

An Annual Evaluation

An annual evaluation is for those who have already had a complete analysis done but wish to benefit from the annual influences that change each New Year.

A personal Nine Star Ki Astrology synopsis is also given.

A color consultation

A color consultation is for those who wish to improve their environment by the usage of color. Color selections are made for each room and styling recommendations are also given should they be     

What is Feng Shui

Why are we comfortable in one house and not in another? Why do certain colors attract us whereas others repel us? Why do we sleep better in one direction vs. another? These are all questions that have been asked over and over again throughout the years and which are finally being answered through the art of Feng Shui. 

Feng shui is often defined as the ancient Chinese art of placement but this is a very simple definition of a system that is both complex and rewarding for those who practice it. Feng shui is more aptly defined as the environmental study of a particular location.

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. In ancient China a site was considered auspicious if it was protected from the winds and could amass the positive energy (sheng chi) of the water. Being a largely agricultural society a well chosen site was of the utmost importance. 

Feng Shui is also referred to quite frequently with regards to the placement of the dead. An auspicious burial site was thought to bring prosperity to the person's descendants. 

Feng Shui has evolved throughout the years and is now applied to houses and offices. With Feng Shui we are able to create magnificent environments using light, texture, color, and nature in order to achieve health, happiness and harmony for those who live and work there.  With the proper distribution of the five elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal, you may increase your health, your wealth, your career and even your love life. 

About Me

la version française est dans le bas

Hi, my name is Tracey MacKenzie and I have been a practicing consultant, teacher and lecturer on Feng Shui for over 20 years. 

Having spent time in Hawaii as a child, I learned at a young age how nature played a big part in my overall well-being. As an adult I studied Fashion design, dabbled in Art and then delved into the world of Interior Design and Decor. In my desire to create peaceful environments using color and texture Feng Shui was a natural study progression. Through the teachings of Master Joseph Yu and many others I learned about energy distribution and how to analyse and improve any environment using simple techniques. 

Inspired by the events of the last few years, I have expanded my work into the field of Neuroscience for design which studies a person’s neurological and physiological reactions to any given space. This is especially helpful in treating people who are sick, in rehabilitation or who have diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

I have given conferences in Montreal, Quebec, Ontario and Bermuda and my work has been showcased on many different television shows including Citymag, Take One, Salut Beauté, C'est simple comme bonjour, Feng Shui Life and the HGTV show called Buy Me. 

My work has also been portrayed in many different publications such as Montreal Home Magazine,  Toronto Home Magazine, Wall to Wall Magazine, The Montreal Gazette, The National Post and Bermuda's Royal Gazette.

Here are two newspaper stories that garnered a lot of love:

This year (2019) I am writing a Feng Shui column for the magazines Montreal Home, Maison Montréal and Toronto Home who all belong to HOMEinCanada.

I believe that having a well balanced home enables you to have a well balanced life and I extend the invitation to all of you to learn more about this ancient art.

Tracey MacKenzie 


Bonjour, mon nom est Tracey MacKenzie et je suis consultante, enseignante et conférencière depuis plus de 20 ans.

A un jeune âge j'ai eu la chance de passer du temps en Hawaii et ceci m'a permis de comprendre comment la nature pouvait influencer mon bien être. En étant adulte j'ai étudié le dessein de la mode et l'art pour ensuite embarqué dans le monde du design intérieur et l'aménagement. A partir de mon désir de créer des espaces serènes et équilibrés en utilisant la couleur et les textures, le feng shui était une progression logique dans mes études. Avec l'enseignement de Maître Joseph Yu et plusieurs autres j'ai appris comment analyser  et améliorer la distribution d'énergie  d'une maison ou d'un site en employant des techniques assez simples.  

Inspiré par des évènements au cours des dernières années, j'ai commencé a étudié la Neuroscience pour le design qui étudie la réaction neurologique ainsi que physiologique d'une personne envers son environnement. Ceci nous aide beaucoup dans le traitement des gens qui sont malade, en réhabilitation ou qui souffrent  de maladies comme l'alzheimer's ou la démence. 

J'ai donné des conférences sur le Feng Shui à Montréal, Québec, Ontario et aux Bermudes et mon travail a été diffusé sur plusieurs émissions de télévision incluant Citymag, Take One, Salut Beauté, C'est simple comme bonjour, Feng Shui Life et Buy Me sur HGTV. 

Mon travail a aussi paru dans plusieurs publications incluant Maison Montréal, Toronto Home Magazine, Wall to Wall Magazine, The Montreal Gazette, The National Post et le "Royal Gazette" aux Bermudes.

Voici deux reportages sur mon travail qui ont reçu beaucoup d'amour:

Cette année (2019) j'écris une rubrique sur le Feng Shui pour les revues Montreal Home, Maison Montréal et Toronto Home qui appartiennent a HOMEinCanada

Je crois fortement qu'une maison bien équilibré peut vous rendre la vie équilibré alors je vous invite à mieux comprendre et connaitre cet art ancien.

Tracey MacKenzie